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How to Steam Broccoli without a steamer and the Health Benefits

Steaming is a good cooking method that brings out the natural goodness of tender broccoli. Cooking broccoli in liquid beforehand enhances its nutritional value and leaves it tastier than cooked vegetables. In fact, this is one of the reasons why people prefer steamed broccoli over boiled broccoli. But steaming is not so easy to do. This is where a steam broccoli recipe comes in handy.

There are quite a few different steamer basket variations to choose from, all of which can be adjusted to create a wide variety of delicious steamed broccoli side dishes. You can have a full-bodied meal with the broccoli melting in your mouth and a tangy lemon sauce on top. You can also have a light and airy side dish with tender steamed broccoli that makes you wonder if it was even cooked at all. You can also have a tossed salad with this light and easily digested vegetable and enjoy a refreshing change of pace after a heavy lunch or dinner.

The steamed broccoli that we see at most supermarkets these days comes in a convenient plastic bag with a zipper closure. However, it is often so easy to open and use that we tend not to bother. One thing you do need to keep in mind is that you should never leave the bag of vegetables in the microwave. The heat from the microwave can cause broccoli to become mushy and losing the crispness of the broccoli will ruin the crispness of the rest of the vegetables in the steamer basket. It can be difficult to tell exactly when broccoli has reached the optimum temperature of steaming, but if you stick your finger into the center of a broccoli clump, you can easily tell when the moment has passed.

If you are interested in learning how to steam broccoli florets, you can do it by placing one end of a Ziploc bag, or some larger ones, into the microwave and setting the timer for about two minutes. If you want to know how to steam broccoli the fastest and easiest way, it is recommended that you first cut the heads of the fresh broccoli and discard them. Once you have done this, you can place the chopped stems on a baking sheet. On one end of the baking sheet, place a piece of aluminum foil and press down until you can wrap the entire head of broccoli in the foil.

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After the steamed broccoli has cooled slightly, it is time to remove the plastic bag or Ziploc bag from the microwave and place the pieces in a large bowl. In the bowl, you will need to add two cups of water and mix until the ingredients combine. Once this is done, place the contents into your steamer, and set the timer for five minutes. As the steamer sits and cooks, you should gently re-check on the steamed broccoli florets to ensure they are done.

The amount of time you spend in steaming broccoli is completely up to you. Some people like to spend more time in steaming than others. If you want to cut down on how much time it takes to get steamed, simply place the steamer in the freezer for five to ten minutes before starting your cooking. This will drastically cut down on how long your steamed broccoli will take to cook.

Once you are done with steamed broccoli, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of eating fresh steamed broccoli. Not only is it delicious and nutritious, but it also has a significant amount of vitamin c. As we all know, vitamin c is extremely helpful in reducing the risks of heart disease. Steaming is one of the best ways to consume as much vitamin c as possible. How to steam broccoli is important because it also releases beneficial enzymes that help to boost your health. In fact, broccoli contains more vitamin c than any other vegetable in the world!

Try steaming broccoli in three different recipes today. You can use it in any number of different foods from pasta to salads to dessert recipes. It is truly the best way to eat vegetables. Who knew that something so simple could be so good for you? Enjoy the healthy benefits that come from steaming broccoli!


Naomi Glover
Naomi Glover
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