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How to See Google Play History

Many people who use Google play have no idea how to go about looking at Google play history. The play history is not displayed by default on the first page of the search results, and if you want to be able to see it, you will need to click on the “Google play history” link that is displayed in the footer of the browser. Unfortunately, this link is not always available, and can take a long time to come. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to get to this important setting.

The “Google play history” link is usually greyed out and disabled until you click on it. To get to it, click the menu icon (usually at the bottom right of the browser) or view the settings and then click on “permanently unlock all history settings”. This should bring up the option. Unclick it, and you will be left with the Google play site itself. Look through the information there for any entries relating to the keywords you entered during your Google play session. You should be able to see all of them.

Once you have found the history entry that you are looking for, you can then click on it and open it up in a new window or tab. The layout varies by browser, but you will see an icon that says “show all files for this site” or something similar. Click this and then you will be able to see all of the files that are being used on your play site. If you see any that you recognize, you will then need to click on them and open the Properties, and you will see an option for “download all files”.

If you don’t have any Google play history, or the play history you do have is corrupted or missing some files, then this process won’t work for you. This is because Google Play requires that all of the files associated with your account to be installed onto your computer before it will run. This is part of the security measures that Google uses to make sure that their service is used properly. If you try to download Google play without the files, you will receive a “Cannot open file” error. This is what is needed in order to successfully complete the download. If you are unable to successfully do this, then you may have to reformat your computer and reinstall the entire program.

If you are able to click on the downloaded file and able to view the contents, you may notice that there are folders that you don’t know about. Click on the plus sign next to each folder to expand it, then click inside the folder. The files that you can find are Google play history, play notes, and so on. There should be several folders there if you were able to download the whole play store.

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If you can’t see any of these files, or you just think that you missed them, then the best way for you to know how to see Google play history is to use the advanced tools that are available on the Google Play website. You can look at the play list and find out exactly what was added to it, how old it is, and how many times it has been played. These are all very easy to do, and it only takes a few seconds. You will always know where your files are when you want to.


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