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How to Factory Reset Google 3A – A Step by Step Guide

You may have heard people talking about resetting the Google Pixels and wondering how to do it. It is a relatively simple process but you need to know the steps in order to fully understand how to factory reset your Google Pixels. First of all you will need to disconnect your Google Pixels from your computer. Once they are completely unplugged from your computer they should not appear on the device’s list anymore.

To do this next you will need to connect a USB cable to the flash drive that is connected to your computer. Next you will need to turn off the system and then disconnect the power from the system. This will prevent any further damage from occurring to your Pixels.

If you want to know how to reset them back, you will need to open up your Google Pixels flash drive and remove the plastic tab that holds the flash drive inside. The tabs will need to be pried open and then the flash drive can be removed. Make sure you don’t touch it while you are removing it because you don’t want to damage it. Once the flash drive is removed you will see that the resetting process has already begun.

You will now need to turn your Pixels back on and connect it again to your laptop or computer. When you connect it, you should see a new icon come up on the main menu. Click on this icon and this should take you through all the steps that need to be completed in order to put your Pixels back into working condition.

Follow the step by step instructions that will be presented to you.

When you first get to the flashing process, make sure you follow the directions carefully. It is very important that you do so. It is also advised that you have someone do this process for you. It just isn’t as simple as turning on your Google Pixels and then watching it flash.

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When you are learning how to factory reset Google 3a, there will be some time when you won’t be able to see the indicator light. This is normal. It is a good idea to store the flash drive in a safe place after this procedure. You may not be able to access it at all if you do this. If you don’t know where your flash drive is, you should ask someone at your computer shop or Google about where to find it.


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