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The Winter Soldier jacket is our new object of desire

It is time to leave WandaVision and all its controversies behind, and focus on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the next Disney Plus series in which two “heroes” who already have a time in the MCU but have not achieved will join. gain enough screen time to earn a following similar to that of Iron Man or Captain America. For now there is a lot of talk about what we can expect from the series, in addition to the fact that several trailers have already been released, but we want to focus on one aspect – quite minimal – that attracted our attention. 

The issue in question is about costumes and a particular garment that we have already been able to observe in detail between the trailers and the images released about The Winter Soldier (or Winter Soldier) , played by Sebastian Stan , who in addition to releasing a new courtesy arm from Wakanda and Black Panther, has a new look, worthy of respect. The garment is a cropped black jacket that has certain biker tints but also evokes a bit of the cyberpunk outfits that we have seen in different productions. 

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier costumes 

The interesting thing is that the costumes for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are in charge of Eric Daman, who is best known for his costume creation credits for the Sex and the City and Billions series, in addition to the acclaimed series (which is already cult) Gossip Girl. The name added to a series that focuses on action and espionage is surprising as it is a sudden change from his more focused works. However, Marvel seems aware of the effect the look can have on such a work.

Take for example the case of Tenet , a film by Christopher Nolan that inserts elements of espionage with an extremely high-level look. In fact, in one scene, Michael Caine tells the protagonist that his suit does not achieve the high point of level that he wants to pretend. This is influenced by the James Bond tapes , which set a tasteful man surrounded by criminals with a taste for luxury – yachts, jewelry, and whatnot. 

Then, late, but at the same time on time, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier inserts a vision of luxury and alternative clothing to Hollywood action cinema and brings it closer to the style of James Bond and Tenet . Although we can appreciate little of much of the costumes today, the look of Sebastian Sta n and that of Emily Van Camp are interesting from the first moment.

Marvel is already finishing Loki’s second season without the first one premiering

The jacket we are talking about has two purposes: to make the character look good, while looking like a garment that a hero of his type wears. In a way it is influenced by the look of the comic book character but in a much more sober sense. The leather material makes it look biker and that’s the cut it keeps, but it has a raised collar that breaks away from the classic. On the other hand, it has some interesting lines on the shoulders that make us think of the Star Wars uniforms , while the cut and the details of the chest strap and a cross cut give it a rather cyberpunk look , like it came from Akira or from Blade Runner 2049. The look fits perfectly with the black and gold that the character of the vibranium wakandian arm adopts and also stands out because it is not a very shiny “suit”, showing that the man does not consider himself a hero but a common type. 

Coming to the series it will be interesting to see the other outfits that Eric Daman has for us , and if we will see Falcon with a different look than his uniform. 

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