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Wolverine could arrive in the MCU with a series for Disney +

The arrival of the X-Men to the new phase of Marvel has been ignited with a report that ensures that a new production is already prepared.

Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men are one of the characters that Marvel fans have hailed since the MCU took shape and changed the rules of the franchises by interlocking all their universes in such a way that the formula already begins (or at least it is attempted) to be replicated. As more heroes and villains have joined in, fans have continued to question the X Men and their possible arrival.

Although they had already been adapted to various tapes, long before the MCU took shape under the ranks of Disney, the fate of the mutants has been suspended. The Mickey Mouse company takeover of Fox, which had developed the films, raised spirits. Although officially nothing has been said. However, the story could change, because everything indicates that finally those who are one of the most recognized teams in Marvel comics could vindicate themselves and finally join the film universe of the so-called House of Ideas. (Also Read: Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Episode 5 is going to be talked about, so catch up now)

The possible arrival of Wolverine and the X-Men to the MCU has been spread by The Hashtag Show, which has reported that a new series of the adamantium-skeletonized mutant is enlisting on Disney +. “We can exclusively share that a Disney + series is in an early stage of development. The series would be an anthology based on the character ”, the media pointed out. The news has already been taken up by other sites of the dimension of Collider.

The new broadcast that would already be getting ready would involve the head of Marvel Kevin Feig e. The story would address the mythology of the character, whose immortality would give rise to endless stories to tell, The Hashtag Show has reported. (Also Read: Netflix’s Oxygen is the most harrowing movie you’ll see this spring)

The show would contemplate including the story of Logan (Wolverine’s real name) during the experimental phase in the Weapon X program, where adamantium is injected into his skeleton, making him the mutant that is known and has starred in various tapes, all of them played by Australian Hugh Jackman . The site even confirms that the plot will already be framed in the MCU and that therefore “references and allusions to other MCU projects can be expected.” (Also Read: “Loki”: New trailer for the sequel to “Avengers: Endgame” on Disney +)

Disney has not released an official statement. However, the company has previously confirmed that other Marvel properties that were in the hands of Fox such as “The Fantastic 4” will already have projects developed in the Marvel universe.

It is worth mentioning that the latest X-Men film , “Dark Phoenix” disappointed at the box office as well as the critics. Meanwhile, the previous films positioned Hugh Jackman as a benchmark in fitness as each of them required a brutal transformation to bring Wolverine to life.

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