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Footsteps of the New Era on Twitter

Talking about first live broadcast and then story feature, Twitter has rolled up its sleeves for “Super Follow” and voice chat that we are familiar with from Clubhouse. Let’s see if the followers will be satisfied with the new features these days when social media applications are very inspired by each other.

Twitter is actually a social media platform that is sometimes funnier, bolder and even more political than other popular apps. The channel, where an average of 98 thousand tweets per minute are posted, is now also the news channel of today . It is a messy place where millions of people are aware of events happening around the world and can be organized, watch funny cat and dog videos, and even stalk our ex-girlfriend. In this young channel, where half of the users are between the ages of 18-34, Twitter users are more open-minded and more eager to try new things than the users of other social media applications, according to the “Psychology of Popular Media Culture” made and published by the American Psychiatric Association . So why is Twitter, which is unique in many ways and has a special place in the hearts, is eager to incorporate new features?

New incoming features: Super Follow and Twitter Spaces . With the Super Follow feature, the paid followers period officially begins on Twitter. The subscriber concept we are familiar with from YouTube was later added to the fee request. Twitter will also charge an estimated $ 5 a month for exclusive content. Another feature is the voice chat rooms that are thought to be inspired by Clubhouse, namely Twitter Spaces.Clubhouse had built an enormous audience at the beginning of 2021 and managed to attract all eyes because it was different from other channels. The popularity of Clubhouse, which is gradually decreasing, will have excited Twitter, one of the biggest giants of the internet, that Twitter started to form groups that we can speak to people around various interests. It is not clear when the Super Follow feature will be implemented yet, but we can guess what its purpose is: To enable an increasing number of content producers to make money with a subscription-based model.

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According to the BBC’s report, social media consultant Matt Navara asked his followers “Are you ready for your favorite accounts to be paid?” The ratio of those who say no to the question is 85%. We will see how users will react to Twitter, which has been free for years and has 340 million active users, to enter such a transformation with financial concerns.

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