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How to Change My Name in Facebook on PC

Change Your Name With a Free Facebook Application

One of the most common questions faced by people when trying to use the Facebook applications is how to change my name in Facebook on PC. Since Facebook has more than one billion users, it would be quite difficult for a person to have their own page and have some relevance in the real world. This means that it would be impossible for you to know how to change my name on Facebook in case you are not a very popular person in Facebook’s community. That is why Facebook gives its users the option to choose how to change their names on Facebook. If you want to know how to change my name in Facebook on PC, then you should keep reading further because this article will give you all the information that you need.

The first option that you can try is using the official Facebook application. However, the problem with using Facebook applications is that it only allows you to change your user name up to six characters. That is not very convenient because you cannot make any changes until after you log in to Facebook again. Another drawback is that there are a lot of other users in your network who also have the same name as yours. This could create some embarrassing situations. The good news is that there are third-party applications that will allow you how to change my name in Facebook on PC easily.

The most commonly used third-party application is the one called Facebook Connect. Just open Facebook Connect and click on ‘Change how I am named’. Once you click on this option, you will now see a screen asking how you want to name your Facebook profile. Pick the name you want to use. You will be asked if you agree to the terms and conditions. Once you click on the button labeled ‘Sign up’ you will be required to fill out all the necessary details such as your email address and your contact details.

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The next step on how to change my name in Facebook on PC is to select the Privacy tab. Here you will be able to see which group you belong to as well as the contacts that you have listed in chronological order. You can modify how you would like to be contacted by email, as well as how to change your name online. Once you are done selecting how to change my name in Facebook on PC, you will be shown the change form that requires you to fill out all the necessary details.

Now when it comes to how to change my name in Facebook on PC, you need to select the option that asks you to browse your account to find the items you would like to have changed. On each item, there is a link that takes you to the web page where you will be able to view the changes that you have made. You will need to confirm the new settings for the items and then proceed to save all your changes. It is quite important that you save your choices for privacy reasons. Once you are done making the choices, you will be guided to the next page where you will be given another page with all your friends as contacts.

The next step to how to change my name in Facebook on PC is to click on add as many friends as you want to add and then fill out the information asked for. When you have completed this step, you will need to click the save button to record your choices for all the different contacts. Facebook will ask you how to organize your list of contacts and then you will be able to click on the next link to create the group.

The last step is how to change my name in Facebook on PC when you have multiple names. This step is pretty simple. In the drop down menu, click on select a name. When you are done with your choice, you will be given a choice of how to connect with your friends. Click on the link and then wait for your profile to be updated with your chosen new name.

How to change my name in Facebook on PC is not difficult to complete, if you have basic computer knowledge you should have no problem completing this task. If you do not have basic computer knowledge, you should not worry because there are ways to quickly fix this problem for free. You can search the web for a solution or you can use a software program that will allow you to quickly change your name on Facebook. The last step is that if you have multiple accounts set up, make sure you remember which one you changed your name to.


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