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How to Mince Garlic With a Garlic Press

How to mince garlic using a garlic press is not difficult. Garlic presses are available at virtually any good home store or garden center. If you don’t have one yet, you are in luck as they make a great substitute for the knife and tongs that you would otherwise need. The garlic presses themselves come in a variety of sizes and price ranges and all can be easily used for cooking, chopping and pureeing.

It really is not very difficult how to mince garlic with a garlic press. There are three basic methods that you can use: manual, electric or robotic. All use similar techniques. For instance, in how to mince garlic using a knife and tongs, you simply wrap the garlic in aluminum foil and insert the knife into the garlic. The garlic clings to the knife and the cutting motion cranks the blades down, creating a smooth cutting motion that removes the cloves.

The next method of how to mince garlic with a garlic press is the electric version. This works in a similar fashion to how a garlic press works. However, since the garlic juice is run through the garlic press rather than being run through the knife, there is no need to remove the clove with the knife. Instead, a high-powered motor forces the clove out of the garlic using electricity. One drawback is that the garlic can be cut by hand very easily and the motor can be damaged if it is not used properly.

Electric garlic presses may be more expensive than a manual one, but they are much easier to use. Many people find they enjoy the ease of using them. They are especially helpful for those who have no time to cook and are too busy to stand on their feet and mince the garlic manually. These devices simply get you going. After all, how to mince garlic using a garlic press is as easy as pushing a button!

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Another popular how to mince garlic with a garlic press device is the handheld one. These are very small and fit easily in your kitchen or pantry. These have a button on the side that you push when you want to mince garlic. When you are done, the garlic clumps easily. The benefit of these garlic presses is that you can mince garlic without having to leave your kitchen.

Garlic press trays are used to press garlic into clumps for how to mince garlic with a garlic press. This works best for larger garlic cloves. These trays often come with an angled handle so that you don’t accidentally crush the garlic while pressing. A nice thing about some of these garlic presses is that the garlic clumps are ready to be thrown away after removing the garlic press tray.

The last step on how to mince garlic with a garlic press is to simply remove the pressed garlic from the device. You will find that the garlic clumps are very small and do not damage the device. Garlic cloves are very fragile and can be damaged by dropping or hitting them against other objects. If you are worried about dropping or damaging your garlic clump, then you may want to purchase a different how to mince garlic with a garlic press device.

Garlic can make a great addition to your favorite dishes and it’s an easy way to add tons of flavor. No matter how you decide how to mince garlic with a garlic press, make sure to test how it cuts through your garlic before using it on your next meal. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Garlic is one of the most common ingredients in food, but there are several ways to peel and use it that just aren’t demonstrated in this how to mince garlic with a garlic press article.


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