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The possibility of a season 2 : Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel’s second series has come to an end, but is this the last we’re going to see of Bucky, Sam, and John Walker?

Chapter 6 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier marked the end of Marvel and Disney’s second series , and it came with a Captain America seeking to correct past mistakes and finally fulfill Steve Rogers’ wishes when he handed over his shield at the end of Avengers. : Endgame .

The finale begins with Karli preparing for something big (convinced that she is fighting for the right reasons, “one world, one people”), a terrorist attack that leaves an entire area of ​​Manhattan in Lockdown, and Sharon Carter appears out of nowhere in the right time, but is it to help or to cause more trouble?

The ending was explosive, dramatic, and had great moments, and we can’t help but wonder if the story will continue in more movies or even a possible second season. What is clear is that the loose threads were connected and that Falcon and the Winter Soldier holds an important key to the future of the MCU.

The new Captain America

In the heat of the matter, Sm Wilson finally makes his triumphal entry as the new Captain America, with a new look that combines his Falcon style and gives Cap an update, complete with wings, that completely separates him from what John does. Walker did when he had the shield.

Sam’s costume is inspired by the one he wears in the comics, although with some changes to highlight Wakanda’s technology and the relationship between Sam, Bucky and the characters from the kingdom of T’Challa, which has not been mentioned in any way yet. Not even for the Dora Milaje.

Sam is not a super soldier and he doesn’t want to be either, and perhaps this is why he is the Captain America the world needs. Bucky is a super soldier, but it is clear that now he has more control over what he can do, so he gets on a motorcycle and uses his own body to try to stop the Flag Smashers, who burn a truck for Bucky to rescue them, giving them a window to escape.

The identity of the Power Broker

Sam Wilson finally gets his moment to shine in a season that gave the world an African-American Captain America they can be proud of, but his moment is interrupted by smoke grenades and an attempt to go after the real criminals.

That mission leads us to discover the true identity of the Power Broker, who is not a terrorist organization that seeks to create more super soldiers, but is a key person, Sharon Carter, who went to the other side after becoming a fugitive after the events. of Civil War.

Sharon wants revenge on the world that betrayed her, so she became the Power Broker to pull the strings from the darkness, tricking Sam and Bucky into believing that all she wants is for them to grant her the forgiveness she needs to be able to return. (Also Read: Save our Squad: David Beckham’s soccer series on Disney +)

Sam and Bucky don’t know that Sharon is the Power Broker, so Sam does what any hero would do and tries to save her, while the police arrest the rest of the Flag Smashers using an app and Bucky’s help. Conveniently for Sharon, everyone who knows the truth is dead and her secret as the Power Broker is safe.

The peace speech

Sam is convinced that the fight of the Flag Smashers was correct, even though the methods were not the most appropriate, so he becomes a symbol, he talks about the fight that everyone has in common, about the difficulties of those who do not they have nothing and they feel important, about the division that is created by labels, and even about the racism that he faces as Captain America.

Sam tries to correct what they did to Isaiah Bradley, but not by fighting, but by inviting the world to be better, to fight for justice, to do things well and to support the most defenseless, working together to change the world and create a positive impact, because they don’t want to see a Karli 2.0.

Strength and power are in union, and that is what Sam tries to make you understand with the most dramatic moment of the series, which goes beyond what we saw on screen and ends up inspiring John Walker himself. (Also read: Marvel is already finishing Loki’s second season without the first one premiering)

The arrival of US Agent

At the beginning of the chapter Walker is still clinging to the idea that he is Captain America and wants revenge on Karli for having killed Lemar. His homemade shield is not as strong as Steve’s, but it seems like fury moves it.

Walker is out of control, and decides to keep fighting instead of saving people in danger, setting aside the ideals of heroes (which Sam and Bucky have demonstrated) and falling into even darker territory, but he continues to fight against his own. heck and at the last minute he tries to make the right decision.

After the battle, John is calmer, but Madame Hydra is still on stage and she is the first to see the costume change (it’s the same, but black), with which he becomes US Agent, which is part of a bigger plan that we have not yet finished knowing.

Madame Hydra just tells us that “we will not need Captain America.

Zemo and the Raft

The captured Flag Smashers were to be sent to The Raft, but their transport explodes on the way, then a mysterious old man is seen with what appears to be a detonator and a cut is made on Zemo, who appears to have been behind the attack. (Also Read: Netflix planning to enter the world of video games)

Zemo is in prison, but he still has a lot of power and a lot of friends, so he’s probably not going to stay there for long.

Will there be a second season?

Sharon Carter is on the loose and regained his position as an agent (in the post-credit scene, where he also reveals that he will have access to the secrets of the government and many other things), John Walker has just become US Agent and Sam Wilson is just starting as Captain America, so the story is left open, but nothing is known yet about a possible second season.

Who the hell did Sharon talk to at the end?

Bucky finally confessed to the crime that torments him the most as a Winter Soldier (the murder of his only friend’s son), and with that he manages to cross out all the names on his list, lifting a weight from his shoulders that did not allow him to have a life. (Also Read: The Netflix streamer now wants to act against viewers who share their passwords)

Sebastian Stan said in an interview that there were not many possibilities for a second season, but the story is open and we know that in Marvel nothing is impossible, so we can be sure that this is not the last we are going to see of them, in special because now the ground is clear for the arrival of a new Falcon .

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