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Microsoft Paint, the glorious return to Windows 10 with a new icon

Microsoft’s turnaround after the decision to delete it in 2017: now the program will be available on the Microsoft Store with faster updates

In 2017, Microsoft announced that it would stop developing Paint . As part of a larger update of Windows 10, the Redmond company chose to cut some deadwood, now unproductive, such as Outlook Express, the Reading List and, in fact, Microsoft Paint, destined to be supplanted by the 3D version . A choice criticized by Windows users who have remained “faithful” to the original, present since 1985 on Windows 1.0 , snubbing the new program, slower to load and more difficult to understand. For this reason, Microsoft has retraced its steps and announced that it will land Microsoft Paint in the Store, thus continuing to update it and leaving users the freedom to download it or not.

The new Microsoft Paint icon

“Paint is now updateable through the Microsoft Store outside of major operating system updates,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “It also has a new icon and has been promoted from the Windows Accessories folder directly within the Start menu .” The same goes for the useful Snipping Tool , which will now be updated more quickly, without having to wait for huge OS updates. As for Paint 3D, that app will no longer be part of the new Windows 10 installations, but will be downloadable directly within Paint which will gain a new 3D view, which can be activated on request.

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Thanks to the spread of Windows, Paint was one of the first graphics programs used on PCs around the world and has long been criticized for its lack of functionality: at the beginning it was a monochrome version of PC Paintbrush, a software licensed by Zsoft, then remained substantially unchanged until 1998, when it was finally enabled to open and save Jpeg and Png files. Despite these limitations, it has become one of the most loved and well-known programs ever, to the point that all of us have used it or continue to use it today, even if there are other free programs on the market that are more comfortable to use.

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